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New Year's Day Waffle Brunch

  • Jan
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New Year's Day Waffle Brunch
  • Tuesday, 11:30am PST-1:00pm PST   Ical event icon
  • Follow the traditional New Year's Day Golden Gate Bridge run with the equally traditional waffle brunch. Cost is FREE to all registered 2018 members and $5 for everyone else. Not registered yet? Use the brunch as an opportunity to pay your 2018¬†membership dues, then enjoy the free brunch! For those of you paying your dues in cash at the brunch, bring $36. Checks and credit cards also accepted. Thank you again, Bob and Chris, for offering your beautiful home for this annual event.
  • Location: 415 Hill St., San Francisco, CA

New Year's Day Golden Gate Bridge Run

Your waffle brunch will be so much more enjoyable when preceded by our traditional special New Year's Day run across the Golden Gate Bridge. More info here. And for even more details, check out our backgrounder.

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